Athletes of the Paralympic boccia during a challenge PROTOCOL – It was the most appropriate site, that of the Italian Paralympic Committee: President of FibMarco Junius De Sanctis and President UildmMarco Rasconi signed the protocol in the presence of the President of the Italian Paralympic Committee Luca Pancalli, “in efforts to identify shared forms of collaboration to develop the motor activity of Uildm members in the discipline of bowls and Paralympic boccia, including through promotional activities, education and training”. An agreement that highlights what Federbocce Uildm 1xbet live chat and share the importance of sport as a tool for the development of a “culture of disability, which puts on the person and their right to a full and independent lives.” Athletes of the Paralympic boccia during a challenge De Sanctis – who strongly supported the inclusion of the ball inside the Bocce Federation was President De Sanctis, in the past for more than thirty years among the top executives of the Paralympic movement.

The agreement with one of the most important associations on disability in Italy will increase the number of practitioners: “We feel the same movement of the able-bodied and the Paralympics. With the protocol signed with the prestigious Uildm they want to share joint actions with the aim of expanding the sport on the national territory.

Among our goals we are above all to improve the quality of life with special attention to people with severe and very severe disabilities and to achieve technical results of a high standard. Potential members in the bowls are 10,000 and we aim to reach them soon. ” UILDM – President Uildm, Marco Rasconi, very closely linked to sport is one of the first members in Italy of powerchair hockey, sports where a few weeks ago the National graduated world champion in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

Now we add a new chance to the offer of the association on sport: “It ‘a valuable tool of inclusion, participation and personal growth because it is a space where everyone can feel welcomed and valued for its features and capabilities. We are very pleased, therefore, that the collaboration will start with Fib, which takes the important step on the road of inclusion of persons with disabilities “. PANCALLI – The chairman of Cip, Luca Pancalli, stressed the importance of developing a sport like boccia, who attended the Paralympic edition of Stoke Mandeville / New York 1984, the same one in which he made his debut in the swim: “A ‘ important initiative, because the ball is one of those disciplines within our Paralympic family lends itself to be practiced by people with severe disabilities.

The ball goes to show that even in extremely serious conditions, you can still take exercise. Our sports policy provides for a right to sport viable at all and in which we must be spent to activate always get new deals. ” Claudio Arrigoni

February 26, 2019 – Milan, Gian Piero Gasperini, 61, Atalanta coach. Ansa Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini spoke to Raisport microphones on the eve of Fiorentina-Inter, semifinal round of the Italian Cup.

A crucial race for the season of the Goddess, which comes at a not easy moment, consider the last two defeats in a row: “It will be an important game for the season, since we came to this semi-final and it is clear that when you’re able to eliminate Juventus foods also of expectations, hopes to be able to move forward. And this is definitely a key moment of the season. ” Winning the Italian Cup, moreover, would have direct access to Europe that counts: “It is undoubtedly the shortest route, but it is not necessarily the easiest.

Absolutely. Meanwhile, however, there is this semi-final round in two months we will return important to reach the finish line of the Italian Cup. Meanwhile there will be two months of the season and we will leave no stone unturned in the two competitions. ” Turin-Atalanta, Gasperini: “We take avoidable goal, now we think about Fiorentina” purple – Gasperini does not underestimate Fiorentina, in fact: “A difficult race, because undoubtedly Fiorentina are a good team, a team that is playing with great enthusiasm.

It has some really important young and has a team that was further reinforced in January. They want to reach Europe as the rest of us. And so it is a first time to play at home, but they will definitely essential. ” This week the Viola were protagonists of arbitration controversy, after the dubious penalty awarded by the Var against Inter: “Fortunately, I believe that colder every time anew.

And so it’s another game. The controversies have been there, episodes well in several games this year. But then tomorrow night is another race and we hope that at least in this respect there is no controversy. ” VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV team – The first goal for Gasperini is the recovery of Gomez: “It is essential.

It is undeniable that for us is an added value. Right now we have a couple of defections by disqualification, but the team recovers Gomez, De Roon recovers and we shall definitely the best of our ability. ” The goal of this leg is clear the race: “It is a qualification that is played in two games. I think this is the race where the bases are put.

Fundamental the result, essential to do away goal, this is no doubt. When there is a double comparison, all these components become important. ” Gasport

March 6, 2019 – ROME Burnt month ago from the advances of the British media after the meeting with the federations held in Los Angeles, overwhelmed in recent days by criticism and concerns about new competition ready to give birth, the World Federation World Rugby today decided to ” clarify “its position” on the structure and format of the concept that will be discussed in a week in Dublin “(and not later this month as he had said two days ago President Bill Beaumont). A challenge between England and the All Blacks at Twickenham.

Getty Rugby, O’Shea: “We will build the team” little by litte “format – The premise of World Rugby itself implies the active collaboration of the national federations, that” in May 2018 mandated the World Federation to examine the feasibility of a competition has the potential to reinvigorate the international windows in summer and autumn. “So, in addition to clarifying its position, Rugby World has decided to make public the project of Nations Championship, moreover already fully anticipated a month ago by the media, including the name of competition and the possible date of departure: 2022. a September 2018 World Rugby he met with top leaders of the federations and the players association. the structure of the Nations Championship is designed to strengthen and protect, above all, those Six Nations Rugby Championship in Europe and the southern hemisphere. We will then create the two divisions of merit, with the former co Obviously mprenderà the 12 teams participating in two tournaments.

The teams, in addition to addressing internal rivals as now, will face those of the other hemisphere in the two windows of July (from 2020 summer window will move from June after a month) and November, for a total of 11 games each. It will then be drawn up an overall ranking of accumulated points, with the first 2 of each tournament which will be qualified to the semi-finals.

To close there will be a final (from the meeting of Los Angeles had shown the ability to play them in a major European stadium like Barcelona, ​​Wembley or Berlin). Chapter fundamental technician is that of promotion and relegation: the Six Nations, as noted, is strongly opposed, while in the Rugby Championship must first determine two new entrances, which, according to the current ranking and the geographical location, should be those of Fiji and Japan.

The Nations Championship will not be played in the years of World Cup (the first will be that of 2023 in France), while the tournament will have a smaller version in the seasons of the British & Irish Lions tour. World Rugby has moved to clarify the organization?

S position on the merits and structure of a Nations Championship concept in advance of key meetings in Dublin next week. – World Rugby (@WorldRugby) March 6, 2019 Royalties – Chapter vital that of television rights, which the World Rugby he’s going to, in aggregate and collectively sell. It is not specifically mentioned, but the world federation seems to be holding something very concrete to get to define the path of the annual collective rights such as “able to deploy more revenue and expand the maximum value of the competition.” Over all Nations Championship it will also be used as the qualifying ground for the World Cup, which, as confirmed by today’s Rugby World from 2027 could go from 20 to 24 teams.

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